Convention of Ugandans in Southern Africa (COUSA)



1st COUSA Convention
Pretoria 2023

This initiative aims to re-brand and re-launch the original Confederation by expanding its mandate, reach and scope to embrace the collective will and aspirations of all Ugandan communities in our region, providing a common voice with inclusive development and empowerment of our Ugandan
Communities in Southern Africa.

COUSA Convention

COUSA is a forum dedicated to bringing Ugandans in the Southern Africa Countries together, promoting trade, tourism, and investments in the diaspora communities that reside in the Southern parts of Africa.

The Convention

The convention will be a new rallying point for all Ugandans in the region together with big business, corporates, and our national governments to set up a new focused and progressive vision, and path to excellence and prosperity, for our peoples, together with our brothers and sisters in their respective host nations.

Our Vision

Bring together Ugandan Associations in Southern Africa and provide a platform on which they can network, share and experience Ugandan culture and the abundant opportunities of our new home.

Our Mission

Promote Unity, Cultural and Economic Development of the Ugandan Associations in Southern Africa.

Objectives of COUSA

  • Act as a network platform of all Southern African AssociationS of Ugandans.
  • Promote Business owners and Professionals.
  • Act as a link between Ugandans in the Southern African region and Government of Uganda.
  • Act as a link between Ugandans in the Southern African region and Government of Uganda.

Our Expertise & Skills to All Business

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