Convention of Ugandans in Southern Africa (COUSA)

Message from Amb. Paul Amoru, Patron of COUSA

Dear Members of the COUSA Community,

It is with great enthusiasm that we acknowledge the critical role COUSA plays in cementing the bonds between Uganda and Southern Africa through its myriad efforts focusing on trade, investment, and cultural exchange. As we reflect on our shared goals and achievements, I am inspired by the robust engagement and dedication of our vibrant Ugandan community across Southern Africa.

COUSA has been instrumental in advocating for and achieving key milestones such as unity,enhancing financial inclusion, facilitating secure land transactions, and opening opportunities for property ownership among the Ugandan diaspora. This is a testament to our collective effort to not only support the economic aspirations of our people but also to foster a conducive environment for their prosperity.

The Uganda High Commission in Pretoria fully supports COUSA and remains committed to its mission. Our collaborative efforts over the past year have yielded significant progress, strengthening government-to-government ties and enhancing people-to-people relations. Noteworthy initiatives, such as the implementation of an e-passport online system, have greatly improved service delivery, enabling more of our people to explore opportunities in Uganda with ease.

We look forward to continuing our support for COUSA, helping it grow into an even more impactful platform that not only serves our community but also attracts more investments from Southern Africa into Uganda. Together, we will keep working towards a future where our community thrives through mutual support, shared knowledge, and unwavering commitment.

Thank you for your continuous support and engagement. Let us look forward to more achievements and milestones in our journey towards economic growth and community development.

Warm regards,

Amb. Paul Amoru



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